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  • Model: KT-V88
  • Power: 3000W
  • Capacity: 78 Litres
  • Maximum Temperature: 230 Degree Celcius
  • Digital Touch Panel
  • Independent Upper and Bottom Temperature Control
  • Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Equipped with Steaming Feature
  • Double Layer Glass Door
  • Net Weight: 34kg
  • Oven Dimension: 630 x 640 x 470 mm (L x W x H)
  • Chamber Dimension: 520 x 420 x 330mm (L x W x H)
  • Tray Size: 500 x  340mm


Introducing the Innofood KT-V88 oven, a versatile and high-performing appliance that takes your baking experience to the next level. With its array of advanced features and sleek design, this oven is a must-have for any baking enthusiast.


The KT-V88 oven offers a generous capacity of 78 liters, providing ample space for your baking needs. Whether you're preparing multiple dishes or baking large batches of goodies, this oven can accommodate it all. Additionally, with its 5-layer design, you can bake multiple trays simultaneously, saving you time and allowing for efficient baking.


Featuring a user-friendly Digital Touch Panel, the KT-V88 allows you to easily control and monitor the baking process with precision. Set your desired temperature and time effortlessly, ensuring accurate and consistent results every time you bake.


One of the standout features of the KT-V88 is its Independent Upper and Bottom Temperature Control. This innovative feature gives you full control over the heat distribution, allowing you to adjust the temperature settings separately for the upper and lower elements. Whether you need a perfectly browned crust or a moist interior, this oven lets you achieve the desired outcome with ease.


The stainless steel chamber of the KT-V88 offers exceptional durability and is designed for easy cleaning and enhanced hygiene. Its smooth and non-porous surface makes it effortless to wipe off any spills or residue, ensuring a clean baking environment. 


Equipped with a Steam Injection Feature, the KT-V88 is specifically designed for sourdough baking and other recipes that benefit from the addition of steam. This feature helps to achieve the desired crust texture and moisture level, enhancing the overall quality of your baked goods.


The Double Layer Glass Door provides excellent insulation, keeping the heat inside the oven while remaining cool to the touch on the outside. This allows you to monitor your baking progress without disrupting the temperature stability, ensuring optimal baking results.


With a low 30 degrees Celsius Proofing function, the KT-V88 is perfect for fermenting dough and allowing it to rise properly. This feature creates an ideal environment for proofing, promoting optimal yeast activity and resulting in lighter, fluffier baked goods.


The Smart 5D Rotating feature of the KT-V88 ensures efficient heat distribution within the oven. The fan rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise, evenly distributing the heat and ensuring consistent baking results across all areas of the chamber. The M-shaped heaters inside the oven further enhance heat distribution, providing precise and uniform baking. This design feature contributes to achieving excellent browning and even cooking of your baked creations.


The KT-V88 offers 9 preset modes, allowing you to choose the perfect setting for a variety of baking needs. From delicate pastries to hearty bread, this oven has you covered with its versatile functionality.


Not only does the KT-V88 excel in performance, but it also boasts a sleek and modern design. Its stylish exterior adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen, making it a statement piece that blends seamlessly with your culinary space.


In summary, the Innofood KT-V88 oven is a versatile and high-performing baking appliance that combines advanced features with a sleek design. With a spacious capacity and the ability to bake on multiple layers simultaneously, it offers efficiency and convenience for your baking needs. Experience professional-quality baking with the stylish and reliable Innofood KT-V88 oven.

Innofood KT-V88 Convection Oven

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