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Agrispec Boom Sprayer KT-EC850A

      • The booms are equipped with Self-Levelling feature. It absorbs the shock of uneven field conditions. The booms stay level to the ground even over tough and uneven terrain. This stability ensures more accurate spray height above the crop, delivering a precise spray pattern.


      • With the front booms, the farmer gets the best view of all the nozzles and it eases the monitoring of spraying actions.
      • Spray is delivered before the wheels go over the crop, eliminating the potential of dirt or dust on the wheels to neutralize the spray.
      • The booms fully operated using hydraulic system allow them to fold and unfold faster.


    • 3-Point Axle Design
      • Unique axle design ensures stability when changing directions, preventing the drive axle from breaking.
      • The ideal 50/50 weight distribution maintains equal weight distribution on four wheels. It reduces rutting and soil compaction. 


      • The tight turning radius ensures fast and precise tight turns. It reduces crop damage and ensures easy manoeuvring in tight situations around the farm.


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